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October 14, 2018

The debate surrounding the selection of Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s Supreme Court for me was never about partisan politics.

When his nomination went through, it confirmed for me that there is a deep, ongoing decay in our society’s moral fiber, a toxic infection in our…

October 12, 2018

Here is how to interpret the alarming new United Nations-sponsored report on global warming: We are living in a horror movie.

The world needs statesmen to lead the way to safety. Instead we have President Trump, who essentially says, "Hey, let's all head to the dark, creepy basement where the chain…

Eugene Robinson

October 12, 2018

Forty years ago in Rocky Mount, a group of courageous sanitation workers made history that transformed the institutions of politics, race relations and economics in Rocky Mount with the landmark movement of the 1978 Sanitation Workers Strike.

On Monday, the Rocky Mount City Council rendered a…

October 11, 2018

It all started with a dress.

Well, really it started in 1981 when a group from Christ Episcopal Church started an outreach program for victims of domestic violence. By 1986, a shelter was purchased and since that time My Sister’s House has expanded to have offices in Nashville, Rocky Mount…

October 11, 2018

President Trump apologized to Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family for the "terrible pain and suffering" they endured during his confirmation process, declaring that "what happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process." Democrats seem to be taking the…


October 10, 2018

A widely anticipated textbook, "Universal Economics," has just been published by Liberty Fund.

Its authors are two noted UCLA economists, the late Armen A. Alchian and William R. Allen. Editor Jerry L. Jordan was their student and later became a member of President Ronald Reagan's Council of…

Walter Williams

October 10, 2018

When there is a hurricane or other natural disaster, people ask God why He allows such things to happen.

Can a person know God and why He does what He does? Yes, under certain conditions. He will reveal as much of Himself as a person will use to honor Him. Bible examples are Abraham, Moses, David,…

October 09, 2018

A few days after Hurricane Florence, home and business owners in Jones County began an unpleasant task: Cleaning out soggy, smelly flooded buildings and piling their merchandise, furniture and personal belongings outside on the curb.

In an ideal world, filing an insurance claim would replace what's…

Colin Campbell

October 07, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing his seventh thorough background investigation by the FBI. What magically is going to appear that did not show up in the previous six background checks?

There are not enough derogatory words to describe the purposeful and coordinated destruction of…

October 06, 2018

The N.C. Constitution prescribes the path for its own amendments, requiring two actions. The General Assembly is the only party that may propose amendments to place on the ballot. We the voters retain the power to approve or reject their proposals. This is an enormous constitutional power that…

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