November 11, 2019

For those of you who have never had military experience, national security is no laughing matter.

This is why we who are serious about this county’s security get upset and wonder, what happened to the Republican Party? If Republicans claim to be pro-American and pro-military, why are members…

November 10, 2019

Have the internet and social media replaced the need for local newspapers?

The answer is no.

The internet has opened up access to a whole world of information and is a valuable tool for communication of information, ideas and opinions. It is hard to imagine going back to a world where answers have…

November 10, 2019

Adam Schiff tried to hide the “whistleblowers” but that did not work out. It is now being reported who that first “whistleblower” likely is.

He is a registered Democrat, worked with CIA Director John Brennan and former Vice President Joe Biden during the last administration.…

November 09, 2019

Republicans are making a big stink about the costs of the Green New Deal, the proposal to deal with climate change being discussed in the U.S. Congress. In typical style, conservatives are all upset that it might raise taxes.

Republicans say it will cost $93 trillion, and President Trump rounded it…

November 08, 2019

Dr. Kim E. Koo’s recent letter to the Telegram was essentially a dissertation on her contention that the capitalism we enjoy in this country is the primary cause of the “climate crisis” which will shortly destroy the world.

As with all of Dr. Koo’s letters, she absolutely…

November 07, 2019

Al-Baghdadi is dead.

His Islamic followers lined up Americans and cut their heads off, just because they would not bow to radical Islamic beliefs. They burned a Jordanian pilot to death, alive, and videoed it to make their evil behavior public. They also burned two Turkish soldiers alive captured…

November 06, 2019

Can Trump’s corruptness be any better defined? The american intelligence groups, along with our allies, have all said that it was Russia who interfered in the 2016 election. And these groups continue to say so.

Trump wants to cook up some conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine. This man who…

November 05, 2019

In response to Gwen Wilkins Letter to the Editor: "Social media rumors distort facts behind decision" in response to me The Insignificant Blogger, how did she come up with all of that mess?

Gwen said I didn’t know her. We talked when she was working the appointment of Bobbie Richardson asking…

November 04, 2019

Since the 1950s, before the Korean War, the U.S. started to increase its military spending. Now it becomes committed to a permanent war economy.

It is my understanding that when budgets were planned, military spending was the first allocation before consideration was given for other government…

November 03, 2019

Over 31 years working with the City of Rocky Mount and as a former recovery manager for the American Red Cross, I’ve experienced disasters across the Southeastern U.S.

Locally, we’ve faced many challenges as well, but I suggest to you that the greatest storm we’ve faced is upon us…

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