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Brown elected mayor of Nashville


Brenda Brown


Staff Writer

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

For the first time in a dozen years, the majority of Nashville voters decided the town should have a new mayor.

Brenda Brown on Tuesday defeated incumbent Donald Street 582 votes, or 61 percent, to 372 votes, or 39 percent, with one voter casting a write-in ballot.

The results, which are complete but unofficial, mean Brown will be sworn in on Dec. 3 for a four-year term as the first woman to serve as Nashville’s chief executive.

Reached by the Telegram on Tuesday evening, Brown was elated and enjoying the taste of sweet victory.

“It is so sweet — and I am so humbled by just people putting their faith and trust in me to do this job,” Brown said.

Brown said of the contest, “I didn’t have a feel for this, really, I honestly didn’t. So I was very surprised, very appreciative.”

Brown said she believes hard work was one factor in her victory and noted she stood outside the polling station for two weeks during the one-stop early voting period.

Brown noted her putting out campaign signs and campaigning door-to-door were factors, along with having support from good people who share with her the same vision for Nashville.

That vision, she said, is to keep Nashville growing, have the town become a better place and make the town a prosperous place where people enjoy living and coming to visit.

She also said she is excited about the fact she will be the first woman to serve as the town’s mayor.

“I think people are realizing that we can be good leaders, just like men,” she said. “We can make good decisions. And we can serve a population, a diverse population, serve them all in a fair and honest way.”

Brown, 73, a retired educator, had served on the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education for about a decade before stepping aside in 2018.

Street, 76, first won election to the town’s chief executive position in 2007.

Prior to being elected mayor, Street, a retired educator, had served on the town council since 2001.