Joyner defeats two challengers in Ward 3 race


Richard Joyner


Staff Writer

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Councilman Richard Joyner will keep his Ward 3 seat after winning Tuesday’s election.

This will be the first term Joyner will serve as an elected official in that role.

Joyner was appointed by members of the Rocky Mount City Council to fill the Ward 3 seat in May 2018 after Lamont Wiggins was appointed as a Superior Court judge by Gov. Roy Cooper.

In order to retain his seat, Joyner had to win this election. Because he is completing Wiggin’s term, Joyner will face re-election again in 2021, according to state election laws.

Joyner won the election with 58.94 percent of the cross county vote. In Nash County, he won 56.05 percent of the vote; in Edgecombe County, he won 60.34 percent of the vote.

Two other candidates who were considered by the Rocky Mount City Council to replace Wiggins ran against Joyner in this election. Gwen Wilkins took 34.69 percent of the votes cast in this election cycle. She won 39.53 percent of the vote in Nash County and 32.33 of the vote in Edgecombe County.

Nellene Richardson garnered only 5.99 percent of the votes. She took 4.13 percent of the Nash County votes in the ward and 6.9 percent of the Edgecombe County votes.

Joyner said he is pleased with the win which, he said, is a win for everyone.

“This is a win for our community and the city of Rocky Mount,” Joyner said. “As I’ve done for the past year as a councilman and for decades, I will continue to conduct the work of the people, working to overcome the disparities facing our residents by increasing opportunities for home ownership, access to fresh, affordable food, jobs that offer a living wage and the creation of businesses that drive the economy, helping build a strong community and a united city.”

Joyner also reached out to his opponents in the race.

“I’d also like to thank Gwen Wilkins and Nellene Richardson for running great races. I hope the three of us can work together in the months ahead to continue to improve Rocky Mount for all its residents,” Joyner said.