Downtown rehab funds awarded


Staff Writer

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

More than $106,000 worth of accelerated facade grants have been approved by city officials for the Central City Business District.

City Business Development Manager Kevin Harris provided a list to the Telegram showing 21 of 25 requests for grants were approved. The program enables an applicant to secure up to $5,000 to help pay to improve a location.

The list said two projects are complete. Of the finished projects, the Station Square complex received $5,000 for courtyard lighting along Nash Street.

Meantime, Cassandra and Stanley Griffin finished work at 221 Atlantic Ave., which is the home of the Iron Fist Recording Studio. The two received $5,000 to clean the exterior, power wash and paint the building, replace doors and windows and do landscaping. The grant also helped pay to repair signage.

Garland Clark received $5,000 to do work at 115 N. Washington St., which is the location of Mr. Barberman. The top metal cornice, that is, the ledge, and the second-floor windows have been repaired. All Clark has to do is paint the cornice.

As for the rest of the city’s list, Jesse Gerstl received $5,000 to do work at 105 N. Washington, specifically painting, repairing or replacing windows and replacing the cornice.

Gertsl also received $5,000 to do work at 111 N. Washington, specifically repairing or replacing windows and replacing the cornice.

The windows are being repaired at both of those locations.

Gerstl also received $5,000 to do work at 129 N.E. Main St. and received $5,000 to do work at 121 Tarboro St. The 121 Tarboro location is the future home of the Larema Coffee House.

The city’s list said Gerstl at 129 N.E. Main is going to replace storefront windows and doors and at 121 Tarboro is going to replace six boarded up window openings with historically appropriate windows.

Charles Roberson received $5,000 to do work at 301 Tarboro St., specifically replacing and repairing windows and repairing and painting the exterior. The exterior surface has been removed at the location, which was once a service station.

Troy Davis received $5,000 to do work at 143 S.E. Main St., specifically replacing the first-floor rear windows, the second-floor windows and the openings on the third floor. The Historic Preservation Commission has approved Davis installing new windows.

Whit and Robert Barnes received $5,000 to do work at 118 Sunset Ave., including to pay for door replacement and repairs. The two also received the grant to install egress lighting, replace windows and paint and repair the facade. The work is in progress.

Dr. Keenya Staten received $5,000 to do work at 138 S.W. Main St., including to replace broken glass on the second floor and re-glaze the second-floor windows. The work on the windows is in progress.

Staten also received the grant to power wash and do prep surface work for new paint and to install two new metal foundation grills.

The Taste of Paradise restaurant, at 101 Atlantic Ave., received $2,248, specifically to repair or install signage and install interior lighting. The work is in progress.

Among other grant recipients, the city’s list shows Rocky Mount/Edgecombe Community Development Corp. received $5,000 to do work at 148 S. Washington St., specifically painting the facade and repairing wood. RMECDC has received a work estimate for the location, which is at Harambee Square.

Kay Redding received $4,865 to do work at 105 Marigold St., specifically painting and replacing the roof awning. Redding is anticipated to begin work soon.

Antoinette Cutler received $5,000 to do work at 128 Tarboro St., specifically repairing an I-beam on the front, installing new glass and new swinging doors and making structural repairs.

Zack Poll received $4,500 to do work at 234 S.W. Main St., specifically on the front entryway and the commercial glass section.

Nicole Kleinstreuer and Andrew Clark received $5,000 to do work at 131 S.E. Main St. and $5,000 to do work at 135 S.E. Main. Both locations were the home of Music City & Lights and the grant usage is pending Historic Preservation Commission review.

Among the other grants awarded, Dr. Monique Brown received $5,000 to do work at 100 N.W. Main St., while the Washington Street Cigar Bar & Lounge received $5,000 to do work at 224 S. Washington St. The grant usage at those two locations is pending HPC approval.