Women face cyberstalking charges


Staff Writer

Saturday, May 18, 2019

A local crimefighting blogger is being dragged into court by a shoplifting suspect arrested after surveillance video allegedly shows her stealing a bottle of wine.

Katheryn Zughbi of Rocky Mount, operator of the popular Fighting Crime website and Facebook page, is facing a criminal summons on a misdemeanor charge of cyberstalking.

Zughbi during a hearing on Friday defeated a no contact order filed by Latya Alston Silver, who also swore out the cyberstalking paperwork signed by Nash County Magistrate E.M. Mcauley Jr.

State District Court Judge Pell Cooper threw out the no contact order after Silver failed to prove any of her allegations against Zughbi, which included a claim Zughbi slashed Silver's tires.

To the contrary, Zughbi proved she was out of state on vacation at the time. Zughbi also provided home surveillance video showing Silver driving by Zughbi's house several times including around 4 a.m. on May 5.

The dustup began in early May when Fighting Crime posted a video showing a woman in a local convenience store stuff a bottle of Wild Irish Rose into her clothes.

After viewing the video, Rocky Mount police charged Silver with misdemeanor larceny. Silver has a court date set for June 24.

Silver began posting on Fighting Crime's Facebook page that the store video was doctored and she didn't steal the bottle of wine. Continued and escalating posts led to an investigation by the Nash County Sheriff's Office, which charged Silver with cyberstalking. She has a June 6 court date on that charge.

Silver then filed her complaint against Zughbi. That court date is also set for June 6.

Attorney W. Russell Congleton of the law firm Merritt and Webb on behalf of Zughbi on May 8 issued a cease and desist order to Silver with a warning of a defamation lawsuit to follow.