New pawn shop opens in Tarboro

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Tarboro Pawn co-owner Karl Dickerson, right, chats with Clarence Givens as he purchases a string trimmer Wednesday at the business in Tarboro.


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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A couple Greenville residents have opened a new pawn shop in Tarboro.

Business partners Kevin Gray, 37, and Karl Dickerson, 44, recently started Tarboro Pawn in an 1,800-square-foot building at 2115 St. Andrews St. in front of Dollar General. The men said Greenville has a moratorium that temporarily prohibits more pawn shops from locating in the area, which caused them to look elsewhere.

They settled on Tarboro as the place to start their first business venture. The only other pawn shop in town is Quick Cash Pawn on Western Boulevard. 

“We felt Tarboro was a good fit for what we want to do when we started scoping around the area,” Dickerson said. “We feel we can do a good job here.”

Despite their inexperience as small business owners, Gray and Dickerson have experience in the pawn shop industry. Both spent several years working at Village Pawn in Greenville, which has two locations in the area and a third store in Washington. Gray, who has 20 years of experience working in pawn shops, said he helped open and run the Village Pawn in Washington.

Gray also managed Dellinger’s Pawn Brokers for five years in Washington and worked at J&W Pawn Shop in Ayden. Dickerson spent seven years working at Village Pawn. The men said their time at Village Pawn helped them gain valuable knowledge of how to run a successful and sustainable pawn shop.

Gray said Tarboro Pawn wants to continue to change the stigma most pawn shops are tagged with as loan sharks — people trying to get over on customers — and a place for criminals to sell stolen goods.

“(Village Pawn) is a huge pawn shop and when you walk in there it’s clean and everything is tested,” Gray said. “When you look at their online presence, people love the place. One of the things that impressed me there and when I worked there is the people really worked on changing the public perception of a pawn shop. They’ve done everything to dispel that myth. We’re following a lot of their rules that we hope will allow us to do well here.”

Dickerson said Tarboro Pawn purchased a lot of liquidation pallets off the Internet, so the store has a lot of new inventory for sale. The store also sells used merchandise purchased from customers. The products in the store include electronics and it will look at ATVs, dirt bikes or anything else of value that people bring to in, Dickerson added.

Gray said Tarboro Pawn promotes transparent loan processes and the business is all about making sure it gives customers kind and respectful service.

“If you bring something in here and not sure about the value, we’re going to look that item up on multiple channels on Ebay and Amazon and we’re going to show you that information and share that with you,” Gray said. “We’re not trying to get over on anybody. We only want to do a deal that’s good on both parties.”

Tarboro Pawn is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.