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Letter to the Editor: National security is not a partisan matter


Monday, November 11, 2019

For those of you who have never had military experience, national security is no laughing matter.

This is why we who are serious about this county’s security get upset and wonder, what happened to the Republican Party? If Republicans claim to be pro-American and pro-military, why are members of the Senate turning a blind eye to Trump’s dismantling of all that this country stands for?

Ukraine applied for NATO membership, and support for Ukraine has risen greatly. Yet, Trump tries to extort and bribe one of our allies, and now all of a sudden Republicans forget their oath of office.

Why Republicans are protecting this corrupt president and his administration boggles the mind. Is Washington, D.C., that addictive that Senate Republicans don’t believe in morality and integrity anymore? Are Republicans that power-hungry that they would rather see an ally taken over by a hostile government than risk losing their Senate seat?

Trump is loyal to Trump. He didn’t say, “Ukraine if you are listening, I want those Hillary emails.” He called on Russia specifically. If you think he was joking, then there is a river front property in Sharpsburg that I would like to sell you. Lindsey Graham seems to have lost all integrity since McCain died. How do Republicans come back from claiming to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic, when signing off on every corrupt thing Trump does? Trump hates a dead man to this day, which some would call bizarre and deranged. Russia is attacking our ally, and Trump is giving Putin the green light.

Fools believed in Hitler, and when he showed them that he was a mad man, the damage was already done. Some people have to have truth literally banged into their heads before they stop believing in misleading or deceptive nonsense. There are televangelists riding around in private jets because some of you believe in, and donate to his or her false teachings. Fox News is misleading a lot of you 24/7 participants.

If it’s hatred or fear that guides your judgement, then you are probably already brainwashed and in dire need of deprogramming. We need to come back to Jesus and get corruption out of our government. Trump claimed that he would bring the country together, give a break to the middle class, drain the swamp and work on common sense gun control. He filled the swamp, gave the rich the tax break, divided the country and caved to the NRA.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount

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