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Letter to the Editor: Democrats' hatred fuels bogus investigations


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Adam Schiff tried to hide the “whistleblowers” but that did not work out. It is now being reported who that first “whistleblower” likely is.

He is a registered Democrat, worked with CIA Director John Brennan and former Vice President Joe Biden during the last administration. He also worked for Biden when he was getting the Ukraine prosecutor fired who was investigating Burisma, the gas company paying Hunter Biden big bucks even though Hunter had no expertise in fossil fuel. John Brennan is said to be a key figure under scrutiny in the origins of the Mueller investigation. We may find out the “whistleblower” was involved in the coup that continues to try and nullify the people’s voice in 2016 and 2020.

The Dems thought highly decorated Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman would be their ticket to impeach but that did not work out either.

The reason the Dems keep striking out is they refuse to recognize the powers given to a U.S. president in Article 2 of our Constitution. These powers are not given to military personnel, CIA personnel or intel employees. We the people did not elect the personnel in these agencies; they answer to our president, who was elected by the people. Just because the Deep State does not agree with the president’s policies does not make his actions criminal or wrong-headed.

Former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin acknowledged and praised the “Deep State” for any involvement that led to the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. I guess he needs to read the Constitution, too.

Adam Schiff is now going to have “public” hearings; however, according to the Dems’ impeachment procedures, reporter Betsy McCaughey (NYP) wrote, “A provision slyly added at the last minute is all but certain to deprive President Trump of the ability to defend himself.” McCaughey went on to say: “With a Senate conviction and removal from office highly unlikely, because real evidence of wrong-doing is lacking, the only goal of House impeachment is to damage the president.”

The Democrats’ hatred for conservatives has led them to delusion and rage, while refusing to do anything to help Americans.

The House (Democrats having the majority) voted to fund efforts to improve the border security of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia but refuse to fund a wall on our southern border where Mexican cartels just massacred nine Americans. That says nothing about the deaths caused by drugs coming across that border.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope

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