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Letter to the Editor: Don't blame capitalism for climate change


Friday, November 8, 2019

Dr. Kim E. Koo’s recent letter to the Telegram was essentially a dissertation on her contention that the capitalism we enjoy in this country is the primary cause of the “climate crisis” which will shortly destroy the world.

As with all of Dr. Koo’s letters, she absolutely detests the fact that this country is a constitutional democracy with a capitalist economic system, as she fervently believes that the one true system of perfect governance is progressive socialism. I am forced to take serious issue with Dr. Koo because the worst contributor to atmospheric carbon is China, a socialist/communist country, which is now building coal-fired power plants at the rate of one per month to add to the thousands they already have, while this “terrible” democracy of ours has a total of 15. The smog in China is so bad that citizens wear surgical masks on many days to aid in breathing, while we can breathe just fine.

So if in fact coal-fired power plants are a major source of that dreaded carbon footprint that Dr. Koo believes is destroying the earth while we sit idly by, what, prey tell, does she propose to do about all those horrible power plants that are being built in that wonderfully progressive socialist country of China? And I haven’t even said anything about India, Africa or Europe. Maybe she should deal with those billions of folks who are increasing their emissions before lecturing us, the country that reduced its emissions more than any other. This is the reason that the “Paris Accords” are essentially a sham.

In her letter Dr. Koo utilizes the tired old socialist mantra of calculated exaggerations and misstatements to try and convince readers of her argument. She says that hurricanes are increasing in frequency and intensity when that is simply not true. She says that we have millions in our country living in “dire poverty” with no “safety net” and I would certainly dispute that conclusion. She states that unemployment and underemployment are escalating when we have the lowest unemployment numbers in decades, and in actuality many employers are dealing with a shortage of employees because there are so many good jobs available.

She apparently detests the large international companies which have contributed so much to the best quality of life in the world and which are probably our best hope for the development of solutions for the real problems that we have. And if there is real “man-made global warming,” I would surely put more faith in those companies solving that dilemma than some restrictive socialist government or a little girl from Sweden.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount