Letter to the Editor: Democrats manipulate facts to frame president


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Democrat Chairman Adam Schiff attempted to play word games with intel chief Maguire in an effort to manipulate the situation and paint the intelligence community and the White House as covering up something really, really bad that President Donald Trump must have done.

Why? Because the Democrats know they have no case. Their only hope lies in trying to twist legal terminology for their political advantage.

The complaint from an anti-Trump “whistleblower,” backed by George Soros, alleged various crimes from third-hand gossip and outright lies. It also included gossip from various anti-Trump media sources and individuals. But the complaints contradicted facts.

Just a thought: The “whistleblower” was planted — by the left — to distract from the quid-pro quo investigation into Biden in Ukraine by reporters at The Hill newspaper and others and the Democrats’ collusion against candidate Trump in the 2016 election using Ukraine officials. That thought could be wrong — it could be a way for the far left to get Joe Biden out of the presidential race.

The reason I say this is we have been bogged down in investigations by Democrats of Donald J. Trump for three years and they have found nothing. The Dems cannot accept the fact that our president won an election that they rigged against him.

They are seeing the likelihood of we the people re-electing him in 2020 and impeachment is their last hope of getting their power back in Washington. Nancy’s formal impeachment inquiry announcement was a political stunt to try and pacify the squad. It did not work, they want impeachment now. Without one crime to charge the president with and no vote in the House, nothing is different than what Nadler has been doing for months, except now it is on steroids. All the smoke and mirrors does not fool most American people.

They call us deplorable, racist, despicable, phobic, gun and Bible clingers but they will see we have the truth on our side.

Worth remembering: With the leftist there is a pattern of projecting what they are doing onto their opponents. Watch it unfold.

Side notes:

1. Heroin now kills more people than guns.

2. The median income has risen to $61,372.

3. George Soros exploited a climate control-indoctrinated and severely autistic minor to push the climate change scam at the United Nations Summit.

It is a shame for the left to use children to peddle their globalist agenda; no other choice, adults in the room are not buying it.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope