Letter to the Editor: Leftwingers are detached from reality


Friday, August 23, 2019

Welcome to the Twilight Zone, where lies the pit of man’s fears, currently occupied by a Democratic Party moving so far to the left that they have become detached from reality.

A dimension of mind that has inflicted people with common sense a case of PTSD, or Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats. You have Bernie and Biden, who have been in office for a combined 84 years, but blame all our problems on 2½ years of Trump. Biden still thinks he was VP when the Parkland shooting occurred, and Bernie hasn’t done anything but live off the taxpayer’s dime his entire life. Kamala Harris is a small-minded person with a big mouth, and the 60-year-old married man she had an affair with claims he boosted her way up the political ladder, and she conveniently forgets to admit her family were slave owners. Why did the left spend two years fighting foreign involvement in our elections, then vote 228-197 in favor of allowing illegals to vote?

Why can’t the government protect one rich guy in prison on suicide watch, yet we need to disarm for our own safety? How is it that black pundits like CNN’s Don Lemond and MSDNC’s Elie Mystal can purposely spew false, vile and disgusting diatribes about Trump, but no, we can’t call them racist?

On gun control, if you are a non-believer and hate guns, and someone breaks into your house, the first thing you’re going to do is call someone with a gun and pray they get there on time. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a people problem, an evil problem, a mental health problem. The left’s warped view on gun control is akin that if you have drunk drivers killing sober drivers, then you ban sober drivers from driving.

It’s a sad day in America when it’s easier to kill a full-term baby than deport an illegal alien. If you want to cheat getting into college, you can go to jail, but if you cheat getting into the country, you can go to college. A man can’t talk about abortion since he doesn’t have a uterus, but a man can be a woman even though he doesn’t have a uterus. Rat-infested L.A. bans straws but has needles and syringes laying all over the streets and sidewalks.

I live in fear of what will happen if the Twilight Zone crazies win in 2020. The country will lose and we will lose the country.

Perry LaGrange

Rocky Mount