Letter to the Editor: Do we have a president or a dictator?


Thursday, August 22, 2019

I could not believe my ears when told that a supposedly American President (Trump) had told the prime minister of Israel not to allow two Democratic members of Congress into their country.

Who does Trump think he is? He admires him so much, I believe Trump thinks he is Vladimir Putin. What is even more ridiculous, Netanyahu bought off on this nonsense. But the thing that both Trump and Netanyahu have in common is that both are under corruption charges. Trump has ruined the credibility of anyone he associated with that was once thought of as having beyond-reproach integrity. That’s another reason he has such critical openings in his cabinet.

This country’s presidency has become a laughingstock. We don’t have a president, we have a bumbling imbecile. Only he could inherit a good economy and now it’s on the brink of collapsing. The farmers are hurting, his tax plan is a bust. He has no immigration policy; just lock them up. He has no foreign policy; two Americans were killed by foreign governments. Trump sided with the foreign governments. He favors authoritarian regimes and white nationalists. Sadly, Trump has no idea the value of NATO. His billionaire cabinet members are out of touch with regular Americans. This was put on display by his government shutdown.

At Trump’s visits to our foreign allies, they fly Trump balloons, signifying that this president is a big baby. He is protested at every turn. His rallies are his only sense of worth. He is no longer covered by the mainstream media as he once was.

He is selling the same ole divisive rhetoric, which is becoming total nonsense. He continues to take credit for policies that were put in place under President Obama’s administration. But regardless, his followers wouldn’t know the difference. This con man has lied to them so much that they cannot distinguish the truth. Some must know that he’s lying, but as long as he is anti-immigrant they could care less.

Netanyahu will be the latest casualty in Trump’s “War on Integrity.” But seriously, if you are a regular American who works a 9-5 job, take a look at your wage. You are no better off than you were when the Trump Administration put together his tax plan. Trump claimed that his tax plan would not benefit him. Well, he lied to you again; he meant it would not benefit you. It gave ole “Mr. Bankruptcy” and his rich friends a pretty penny. If this man ever loses his Twitter account, he may do us all a favor. I keep seeing “Promises Kept” signs at his rallies; did I miss something?

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount