Letter to the Editor: ‘Change for the good’ is subjective


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

In response to Mary E. Ward’s “Change Good For Rocky Mount,” it depends on what the change one is looking for.

I found the opening sentence to be quite interesting, “Taxpayers who are residents, business owners and homeowners have a right to expect city government to make the best decisions for the greatest good of everyone, not just to benefit a cadre of individuals’ personal agendas.” I was lost when at the beginning you say taxpayers who are residents. What does that got to do with anything? If they own property they ought to be concerned and have a voice in what goes on in Rocky Mount whether they can vote or not.

This council has been more transparent than any other council dating back to my following the council since the late 80s. I am not a resident but have been actively engaged in Rocky Mount politics as an advocate, member of the NAACP, Democratic Party and have worked in Rocky Mount for the past 32 years and eight months.

Law enforcement offices/departments can be found short of officers across the state at any given time because of various reasons.

This council has directed more resources to the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount than any other council.

Who has complained about the noise from the train tracks over the years?

It is sad that you and those who think like you feel you get to choose that Crossing at 64 is now the best location for progress but where were you when we were fighting trying to get businesses there? The perfect location for the hotel is downtown at the Event Center and walking distance of the downtown area.

It is about race and power in Rocky Mount and that is something that you ought to be able to relate to because you have been an educator and know what is real and what is perceived. However, if you feel Rocky Mount does not have a race problem, then you are ignorant to the facts.

Rocky Mount is diverse. When the diverse who are taxpaying citizens like you begin to speak diverse rather than acting on the script of what has been played out in the media, the better off Rocky Mount will be.

Curmilus Dancy II