Letter to the Editor: Stonewall Manor seeks support


Thursday, June 6, 2019

We are excited to announce that phase one of Stonewall Manor’s revitalization is complete.

A new roof was recently completed, which was made possible by many generous contributions made over the last couple of years, most generously by the Bryanna Foundation. We have also collaborated with Ingram Construction Company, the developer of Stonewall Villas, a new residential community located beside Stonewall Manor, to provide a hookup to the city sewer system.

The Manor is still in need of additional major repairs and renovations to recapture the original beauty and phase two will be repairs to the trim, brickwork and painting to the front of the house. Since we usually collect only small amounts of contributions each year, our renovations have to be done in several phases.

In the event we are to collect larger donations, we would accelerate the restoration process. With the continued revitalization of the downtown area and more specifically, the Mill area of Rocky Mount, the timing for our own revitalization is now. We have secured estimates from licensed historical restoration contractors. These estimates are all encompassing for the work that needs to be done to bring the Manor back to pristine condition: new roof, exterior renovations/repairs and painting, interior repairs and painting, grounds updating and some tree removal.

Now that the roof is complete and some tree removals, we need to raise approximately $175,000 to accomplish this goal. This can be accomplished through the generous support of the entire Twin County community. We ask that all who read this letter to please pass it along to your contacts to help us spread the word of this major undertaking. Our website is up and designed to take donations.

We desperately need your help, so please contribute and ask others to do the same by sending a tax deductible check to: Friends of Stonewall, PO Box 9028, Rocky Mount, NC 27804, or go to our Website, Stonewallmanornc.com, and Click Donate

Stonewall Manor is a significant historical landmark in this community, and it needs your help to survive. No contribution is too small, so please help.

Renny Taylor, president

Morris R. Wilder, treasurer

Friends of Stonewall Board of Directors