Letter to the Editor: Job creation needs unified front


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Job creation and economic development must be a top policy concern as Rocky Mount looks to its future. Political discord and dissension will undermine any efforts to bring new business, industry and commercial enterprises to our city.

It’s evident that we need a united front when it comes to job creation and economic development in our region. Rocky Mount, Nash County and Edgecombe County must work collectively to form a coalition that can effectively represent our region and our interests.

We need a new initiative to promote our city and our region. This effort must be collaborative in scope and we must work as neighbors — focusing on the key elements to economic growth and success — our schools, our infrastructure, our people. Our citizens are depending on our elected officials to work in a collective manner to promote job growth and economic development.

If I am elected mayor of Rocky Mount, job creation and economic growth will be my cornerstone issue. I will work day and night to bring the counties and the city together so we can harness the potential we have right here in Rocky Mount. When we focus on job creation and economic growth, we can begin to tackle the core issues many of our neighborhoods face such as poverty, crime and affordable housing.

I believe in unifying people. As the Working Man’s Mayor, I am going to focus on getting jobs for our citizens. I will focus on strengthening our relationship with the Carolinas Gateway Partnership and the city of Rocky Mount.

Together we will become a powerful economic force, and I will sell our town every day. I will not stop until everyone is receiving a paycheck. A steady paycheck cures a lot of problems and will help in unifying us.

I believe our human assets are the best. We have the infrastructure, and we have the ability. I believe we must work together in a unified manner by strengthening relationships that will yield business growth for our city and jobs for our citizens. Together we will create a vibrant economy built on recruiting new industry, new commerce and new business opportunities for Rocky Mount.

Sandy Roberson, mayoral candidate

Rocky Mount