Letter to the Editor: Speak up for the unborn


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

We have lost our minds regarding the value of human life.

Throughout our society, human life has been and continues to be devalued on many levels and in many contexts. No where is this more evident than the continued attack on the most vulnerable of all among us, the unborn.

This appeal is not an intellectual appeal aimed at the head; we have seen and heard the arguments numerous times. This appeal is an emotional appeal aimed at the heart.

Statistics are difficult to calculate because of the lack of standards for reporting abortions, but there is no arguing that millions of lives have been and are terminated — not overwhelmingly because of law-breaking or concerns about the health of the child or mother, but the overwhelming reason for abortion is convenience.

While we criticize savage peoples through history for human sacrifice to appease their gods, we are guilty of sacrificing our most vulnerable on the altar of convenience.

No, the word abortion is not found in the Bible. However, principles declaring where the Christian should stand on the issue are evident throughout. For example, Psalm 139:13-16 reminds us that God is the giver of every life, He has a purpose for every life and He is the perfecter of every life. While our society has made this issue all about a woman’s choice, we have neglected and rejected that every life — including the life in the womb — comes from and belongs to God.

Proverbs 31:8-9 commands us to open our mouths for those who cannot speak for themselves. Who would this apply to more than the unborn who certainly have no voice in our culture?

We who are Christians must take up the voice of the unborn now.

How should we respond to this issue?

First, we should respond spiritually through prayer and proclaiming the Gospel. It is not reformation that society needs, but a transformation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Second, we should be involved in the political arena by supporting and voting for pro-life candidates, as well as using our freedoms in Christ-like ways to let our voices be heard.

Third, we need to offer loving support to those in our sphere and communities who have needs.

Finally, we need to support local community programs and centers that are pro-life.

May God help us to make a difference for those without a voice.

Michael Willard, senior pastor

Cornerstone Independent Baptist Church

Rocky Mount