Letter to the Editor: Teach kids to be future leaders


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What kind of future do youths of today have?

All of us who have allowed this rapacious system of runaway profits devastate our planet ranging from toxic water to continued CO2 emissions to ozone destruction and not raise our voices or taken some kind of action, are partly responsible for the dismal future our children will inherit.

In North Carolina, the damages from two successive hurricanes, a month apart, resulted in recovery expenses that exceed that of Floyd. When in record has our state seen two major hurricanes so close together? What about the damages globally from other climate change phenomena, like earthquakes and tsunamis?

More significantly, the number of people killed or made homeless is a potentially preventable tragedy.

A recent environmental youth rally in Raleigh illustrated how the high school students of today are aware of their future prospects. A number of them are suing the government for their part in allowing and continue to allow climate change to happen. This is unprecedented. It tells me that they are so much more attuned to reality than many of us.

Another problem youths face is the deteriorating public school system. This used to be a refuge for our children who want better education so they can find good jobs. Due to a stagnant economy, job prospects even after a decent education have shrunk tremendously. Young folks become unemployed or underemployed, working two or three jobs to make ends meet. No wonder there is an opioid epidemic, not to mention alcoholism, increase crime rates, gang warfare, unprovoked and random shootings and child obesity. Pent up frustrations target blindly. Divisive rhetoric and hate promotion by the current administration only ensures more innocent victims in the future.

When those who govern us not longer works in the interests of everyone, especially in lifting up the poorest and the most down-trodden, then it is time to change the system. When injustice becomes the law, then resistance becomes our duty. Given our current situation, rather than continue to advocate getting school grades up or working to enhance the school curriculum so that students can achieve better grades, how about teaching all school children that they can become agents for positive social change. After all, it is their future that they will be fighting for. And that every child counts. And we all want a better future.

Dr. Kim E. Koo

Rocky Mount.