Letter to the Editor: Thank you for strike recognition


Friday, October 12, 2018

Forty years ago in Rocky Mount, a group of courageous sanitation workers made history that transformed the institutions of politics, race relations and economics in Rocky Mount with the landmark movement of the 1978 Sanitation Workers Strike.

On Monday, the Rocky Mount City Council rendered a formal resolution to recognize this historical act. As chairman of the Edgecombe-Nash Political Caucus, I would like to salute the City Council for their special recognition of this historical movement and the citizens of Rocky Mount for their support. I would also like to commend Mr. Jim Wynn of The Phoenix Historical Society for his coordination of special events for the "40th Anniversary of the 1978 Rocky Mount Sanitation Workers Strike."

As an eye witness and agent of this revolutionary moment, I can state that while the case that struck the movement was unfortunate, the public response continues to be positive for the development of our city and the surrounding area. The sanitation workers strike was a result of citizens not having political power or representation. Now, not only are we represented, but the city seems to be moving in a positive direction as a result of the movement.

As the city, state and our country moves forward politically, we encourage citizens to actively engage in the upcoming elections process by voting.

The Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Walker

Rocky Mount