Letter to the Editor: Democrats hypocritical on Kavanaugh


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing his seventh thorough background investigation by the FBI. What magically is going to appear that did not show up in the previous six background checks?

There are not enough derogatory words to describe the purposeful and coordinated destruction of this man's life by the left's radicals. The ones that do come to mind are despicable, hateful, repulsive, heinous, slimy and evil.

Ms. Ford put forth a well-scripted and rehearsed testimony given her by the left-wing activists lawyers. Her words with their high pitch tenor on the last word in a sentence sounded more like an adolescent prom queen than someone with a Phd. behind their name. And it just keeps getting better from here. Jill Strzok is the sister-in-law of the scumbag Peter Strzok. Jill Strzok works with Thomas Blasey, Ms. Ford's brother. So there are three degrees of separation between Ms. Ford and Peter Strzok. She also has another brother, Ralph Blasey III, that once worked for the same law firm that funneled millions of dollars to Fusion GPS for the phony Russian dossier on Trump.

The fact of these relationships is beyond the pale when stepping back and looking at the big picture. If the FBI is serious about getting to the bottom, then Ms. Ford needs to be investigated.

You must have iron clad evidence when accusing someone of sexual assault. Ms. Ford's evidence has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. She does not recall the place, the time or the year. She said she "thinks" it happened when she was 15. She claims to have three fact witnesses who were there for the assault, but all three have claimed they don't know what she's talking about. Every woman has a right to be believed, unless you're Bill Clinton, accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple women, or Keith Ellison, allegedly a woman beater, or admitted groper Cory Booker or being killed by Ted Kennedy. The Democrats reek in hypocrisy, wearing shirts saying "men are trash" yet have no problem with these men using girl's bathrooms. They claim to champion gay rights, then use being gay as a slur against Lindsey Graham. 

We've seen this playbook before with Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. Once again, Republicans took the bait. The hate for Trump and his supporters runs so deep that these radical charlatans have no bounds in appeasing their radical crazies with their politics of personal destruction and smut peddling. God help us and the country when pure evil has no boundaries.

Perry LaGrange

Rocky Mount