Karate Academy teaches more than Martial Arts


More than Karate is taught at Dozier Karate Academy.


From Contributed Reports

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Dozier Karate Academy is the most active Karate academy in the area.

Dozier Karate is more than a Karate class. It teaches self discipline, control and confidence. Parents are looking for more for their children in Martial Arts. Dozier Karate becomes an extension to the parents’ hand to help with guidelines of right choices for life.

Parents want exercise for their children but Dozier includes a lot of life lessons, such as listening to parents, the importance of education, the importance of sleep and a well rested body and mind. During sleep, the body repairs and build itself. The brain clears all information that is not needed and makes room for useful information to be stored such as education. These are facts that is shared with the students old and young.

Along with Karate, the students are encouraged to read and why reading is important for vocabulary, spelling, to see proper sentence structure and a world of knowledge. The more a person reads when young the better they receive education, because by reading they have created a mindset to receive information.

Many young people don’t read enough. Reading is the key to education, so in the Karate classes the children hear about education a lot and not just kicks and punches. Boys needs to read more. Girls seem to read a lot anyway, but the boys are young and already have started to depend on just muscle strength and not enough on brain power — the most important muscle.

Dozier Karate is packed with lots of activities to help children and teens know and learn Karate but also understand early about education. Children and teens face so many hurdles, Dozier Karate wants to help them get over as many as possible.

“I want smart Black Belts,” James Dozier said. “It makes a difference.”

During summer camps, guests from the community are invited to visit the students. Dr. Neil Jeansonne, who is head of the biology department at Edgecombe Community College, came by and he was a hit. The kids loved Jeansonne, who is a very smart man. He has forgotten more than most people know.

Then a Karate tournament is held for the children at summer camp to perform in a real tournament. The children and teens get so excited.

Through it all. Dozier Karate is a hard academy but it truly helps the children and teens in life. Some of our students have served U.S. presidents, a few are actors in Hollywood and several have gone in to the ministry. Jesus is known at Dozier Karate Academy.