Garden Club kicks off new season


Rocky Mount Garden Club Program chairwoman Betsy Searcy, left, and member Brenda Crocker, work on a fresh arrangement to be delivered to Covenant Homes of Rocky Mount during the club's September program.


From Contributed Reports

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Rocky Mount Garden Club excitedly began its 84th season in late September for the 2018-19 year.

Refreshments were served and the members had a great time catching up from the summer break, which runs June through August. The club’s theme this year is Flowering Friendships. The club hopes to achieve this by continuing the social programs, community outreach, and encouraging new membership.

The ladies of the club host a number of Community Outreach projects each year. The Chapel at Wesleyan College, several projects including Therapy Gardening at Covenant Homes of Rocky Mount and the entrance to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tar River Region Nashville Unit are just a few of the continuing projects these ladies work hard to maintain.

The club also holds a plant exchange twice yearly at a monthly meeting for its members. A Mini-Flower show is held during the year at specified monthly meetings.

The new season began with Program Chairwoman Betsy Searcy offering advice on communicating with flowers. Based on the book, “The Language of Flowers” and her research of the Victorian Floral Dictionary, Betsy explained how coded messages were sent through floral arrangements dating back thousands of years.

Throughout the world, dating back to the Hebrew Bible, flowers have been used to represent feelings and symbolize things that could not be spoken aloud. Dating back to the 19th century, nosegays, known as speaking arrangements and worn by their recipients as fashion accessories, were accompanied by a floral dictionary. Shakespeare also made references to floriography in some of his works during its soaring time.

Club members were asked to bring cut flowers and such from their own beds and gardens for arranging. As each different specimen was used, the group looked up their meaning and shared aloud.

A very unique, beautiful, freshly arranged basket of flowers was delivered to Covenant Homes in Rocky Mount for their enjoyment one the program was complete. The members were so excited with their flowers that they had enough left for bouquet delivery to some of their members who have not been able to attend recently.

The Rocky Mount Garden Club is looking forward to an event-filled year. An outing to the Elizabethan Gardens, flower arranging and composting and soil sampling program are just a few of the many things this group of ladies will attend or learn this year.

They are always looking for more local ladies in the community to join them in their effort to “flower” friendships and help the community to grow through the appreciation of horticulture. Their monthly programs are announced in the Community Calendar for anyone who would like to join them.